When you can see this message, that means that the move and nameserver update has gone through and is all good. Thought I'd just throw this up and let you know that I'm not completely letting this guy fall down. I do have some plans for both fixing the code for the site, and adding new content (maybe even a couple of different sections -- we'll see about that). All right, that's all I had. Back to whatever it is you were doing.

-- The "management" AKA: Me, Stephen
08/07/08 07:39 PM Mountain Standard Time
So, I've updated. Hooray!

Well, kind of updated. I've uploaded a "new" picture to the database in the drawing section. Thought I'd throw this up on the frontpage as more news that I am alive and still planning on doing stuff with this. Meh. Either way, I'm out.

-- The "management" AKA: Me, Stephen
04/23/08 02:48 PM Mountain Standard Time
Hey everybody! ... Where is everybody?

I know how many people visit this place (LOTS!!!), but that's beside the point. For the world to know, I actually plan on setting myself some goals/tasks and actually trying to meet "deadlines" for changes and updates to this site. I'm going to try and do some basic coding work over the next week or two, then hopefully actually get some stuff moving. I'll put another post up to with the schedule of things I'd like to do. Hope you all are having fun in the mean time!

Until then, later.

-- The "management" AKA: Me, Stephen
03/30/08 04:54 PM Mountain Standard Time
This site really needs a lot of love and attention. I haven't been on here for quite some time (I obviously went past the 5 months mentioned below). I do have quite a few updates I could do, as well; most planned, but none actually implemented yet. So either way, it's going to be a while. Doesn't help that I'm still trying to settle into my new place. I still have boxes everywhere, but it's getting there.

I think I'm going to call it here for now. I'll be back eventually, and this time it shouldn't be 7 months (at least that's the hope).

Catch you all later.

-- The "management" AKA: Me, Stephen
02/26/08 12:30 AM Mountain Standard Time
Man, make some comments that you're going to update "some time soon" and people get all over you if you don't update in 5 months. What is up with that? ;)

Well, here's your update. I'll try again in another 5 months. :D

Just kidding. I will try and update sooner, but no guarantees. Later.

-- The "management" AKA: Me, Stephen
07/27/07 08:59 PM Mountain Standard Time
Okay, I really do need to sit down some time and make some changes to this. Maybe actually make some fixes and updates. Crazy idea, huh?! Meh, I'll get to it eventually. Here I am at 1:06 in the AM and I''m up writing this. Perfect. And I have to be up early tomorrow for work. Just like me.

Just you wait! Updates coming soon!

Hopefully ...


-- The "management" AKA: Me, Stephen
02/07/07 01:08 PM Mountain Standard Time
All right, "Test Dump" created and linked. Took me a little longer than I wanted, but hey...I've been busy. And now to keep myself busy a little bit more...time for some Counter-Strike, I think. ;)

-- The "management" AKA: Me, Stephen
08/24/06 11:12 PM Mountain Standard Time
You should all seriously send me emails, just because. You know I'm that cool. Well okay, maybe not, but that's beside the point.

In other news, I should be adding a "test dump" portion to the site where I'm going to put all of the files/pages I'm currently working on. Then you can go check up constantly and see different pages and projects in the process of being expect some broken things and error messages! But that won't be for at least another day or so.

Other than that, catch you later.

-- The "management" AKA: Me, Stephen
08/16/06 10:21 PM Mountain Standard Time
All that you currently will see on this site is a work in progress. I am teaching myself the finer points of PHP, CSS, MySQL, as well as a few other things (such as brushing up on my HTML coding). The current stage I am at in the development process is the graphical side, focusing on the layout and overall "look" behind the whole site. I will also be working on adding more actual content which should be, theoretically, coming soon(ish).

-- The "management" AKA: Me, Stephen
12/30/05 11:10 PM Pacific Standard Time

Links to some other pages I'm in the process of writing!

Here's a page I'm currently working on. Go go PHP and MySQL goodness!
Here's a page of a mod/paint job I did on my sister's case! Hope you enjoy.

Here's another page I'm also working on. Go go more of the same PHP and MySQL goodness...kind of. Really like how I can make such dynamic pages with such different content simply by using a little of the above in combo (PHP and MySQL, that is).

I really need to fix this space...especially since it's just repeated info (that really is out of date. Oh well.

Space filler!

I just love how well IE and Firefox interpret things the EXACT same way. I'm being very sarcastic, of course. Just spent the past while beating my head against my CSS code trying to get it to work correctly for both browsers. Looks like I've finally gotten it close to what it should be for both. And I'm also almost off work. Yay!

01/10/06 3:46 AM Mountain Standard Time


Currently the site seems to be working just fine in both IE and Firefox without any major issues or crazy variances between them. Been working on this for a little bit, and it looks like it's finally coming together. On that note, if you notice anything crazy or out of place that does not seem to fit, let me know. Maybe it's just a stupid coding error as I'm working on the site, maybe it's an issue with a different browser (such as Safari, etc.) messing up the rendering. Either way, it would be great to know about it so that I can fix it. Later all.

01/29/2006 1:59 AM Mountain Standard Time

Crazy enough to want to talk to me? Want to laugh at my poor coding? Want to tell me about the horrible, horrible bugs?

Here ya go: schultz (at) shouldbesleeping (dot) com
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