I should hopefully be adding some things here soon, hopefully. We'll see how that actually goes.
And hopefully I'll actually be cleaning this up and making it managable.

Go and check out my sisters deviantART account. She draws about ten thousand times better than I do! She calls herself SnikkiPikkins, at least on dA.

Here's a good friend of mine's website: Foxxtrot.net. Send him some love from me. He's a cool guy. (Plus there are some pictures of yours truly in that gallery of his! It's like an easter egg hunt. Have fun!)

Here's a link to a friend's website from work. He draws pretty, and also takes some awesome photos, so check it out! (He also knows his way around a bit of programming, too, including work on his father's webpage.) So don't stop there, but go and check out his dad's site and look at all the awesome photos (and then pick up a couple for yourself, you know you want one!).

Here is another friends blog. He may or may not enjoy your company. Go say "Hi" anyway.