2007-02-07 01:06:48 -- Posting user: schultz Okay, I really do need to sit down some time and make some changes to this. Maybe actually make some fixes and updates. Crazy idea, huh?! Meh, I'll get to it eventually. Here I am at 1:06 in the AM and I'm up writing this. Perfect. And I have to be up early tomorrow for work. Just like me.

Just you wait! Updates coming soon!

Hopefully ...


2007-01-23 01:01:09 -- Posting user: schultz Quick test post for some page validation stuff. Also just realized (saw) that the time being populated in the information above the post is actually on Eastern time, which means some of the posting times may be off by a couple of hours. I manually fixed the last one, but the others may still be off. Some of those I need to fix by hand anyway. Meh, more stuff for later. At the least, this comment should help me remember to fix my own broken stuff.

Laters! OUT!

2007-01-23 12:54:19 -- Posting user: schultz
It's been a long time. Decades, centuries, millenia even...

Well, it might as well have been. And I'm still posting to the database directly (which also is only updating the test dump index page, STILL!). Guess I really need to get my butt in gear and get things moving and coded. Meh, I'll get to it later. Right now I need to finish getting some stuff off my bed so I can sleep. Work tomorrow, bright and early.

Tomorrow night I should be buying myself a book case. After that I should be able to finish up the room cleanup/re-org that I've currently been working on (last couple of days). After that hopefully I'll have some time to work on the site. We'll see what happens. Still need to research, buy, and build myself a new computer!

Laters, everybody. Until next time. It's sleepy time for me.

2006-10-16 01:13:44 -- Posting user: schultz
All right, using the DB to do some quick updating. I think the old posts should actually start getting cut off. I'm limiting the posts to a max of five displayed at once. Eventually I should have some thing built to handle "scrolling" back through the archives if anyone was so inclined. As for now, though, once I get more than five, they will simply be cut off and remain un-seen.

In other news, did some quick tweaks to the page and databes, so things are shaping up a little bit more. Other than that, really haven't had a whole lot of time to do much else. (Camping in Yellowstone was awesome, by the way!)

Until next time...enjoy your days and keep it real! Later.

2006-10-13 01:07:44 -- Posting user: schultz
Wow, I've actually made a bunch of changes to this stuff. Actually getting things figured out for my main page (index.php). Right now all the formatting has been shot to pieces, but that's because I've been hacking the code to heck and back.

I wonder how many people will notice this right now, since the only place you're going to see it is in "Test Dump". Oh well, such is life. This will all be updated and working crazy-smooth like before you know it!

Until then, have a great day, evening, weekend, week, month, year, etc.

2006-08-24 11:12:00 -- Posting user: schultz
All right, "Test Dump" created and linked. Took me a little longer than I wanted, but hey...I've been busy. And now to keep myself busy a little bit more...time for some Counter-Strike, I think. ;)

-- The "management" AKA: Me, Stephen
08/24/06 11:12 PM Mountain Standard Time

2006-08-16 10:21:04 -- Posting user: schultz
You should all seriously send me emails, just because. You know I'm that cool. Well okay, maybe not, but that's beside the point.

In other news, I should be adding a "test dump" portion to the site where I'm going to put all of the files/pages I'm currently working on. Then you can go check up constantly and see different pages and projects in the process of being created...so expect some broken things and error messages! But that won't be for at least another day or so.

Other than that, catch you later.

-- The "management" AKA: Me, Stephen
08/16/06 10:21 PM Mountain Standard Time

2006-01-29 01:59:36 -- Posting user: schultz
I just love how well IE and Firefox interpret things the EXACT same way. I'm being very sarcastic, of course. Just spent the past while beating my head against my CSS code trying to get it to work correctly for both browsers. Looks like I've finally gotten it close to what it should be for both. And I'm also almost off work. Yay!

01/10/06 3:46 AM Mountain Standard Time


Currently the site seems to be working just fine in both IE and Firefox without any major issues or crazy variances between them. Been working on this for a little bit, and it looks like it's finally coming together. On that note, if you notice anything crazy or out of place that does not seem to fit, let me know. Maybe it's just a stupid coding error as I'm working on the site, maybe it's an issue with a different browser (such as Safari, etc.) messing up the rendering. Either way, it would be great to know about it so that I can fix it. Later all.

01/29/2006 1:59 AM Mountain Standard Time

2005-12-30 11:10:00 -- Posting user: schultz
All that you currently will see on this site is a work in progress. I am teaching myself the finer points of PHP, CSS, MySQL, as well as a few other things (such as brushing up on my HTML coding). The current stage I am at in the development process is the graphical side, focusing on the layout and overall "look" behind the whole site. I will also be working on adding more actual content which should be, theoretically, coming soon(ish).

-- The "management" AKA: Me, Stephen
12/30/05 11:10 PM Pacific Standard Time

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